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James Mathis

Computer Minded Corporation  



James Mathis is the founder and CEO of Computer Minded Corporation®, a multi faceted technology company that has prided itself on providing unique service offerings, delivery, quality customer service and creative IT solutions.


James founded the company in 1991 with a goal of providing “white box” systems and software specific to the childcare industry having developed a community Day Care Center.  He was very successful in servicing a diverse early childhood education market but soon realized that the industry was becoming saturated with other vendor’s offering the same services.  He began to expand his operations and services by becoming SBA 8(a) certified in 1996.


He soon realized that in order to stay “one step ahead” of the competition he would need to expand his business ventures by offering an expansive portfolio of unique services and products serving a diverse community of businesses, industries and disciplines.  He sold the childcare software division in 1997 and began focusing on magnetic media duplication services.  He was awarded a contract with the State of Georgia to provide duplication services of diskettes and CD-ROM media, this contract and relationship became the impetus for the reinvention and transformation of Computer Minded Corporation to be well positioned to respond to the changing needs of the public-private sector business community.


Computer Minded today has become a value added reseller for HP, IBM, Compaq, Apple, Cisco and other prominent vendors which allows Mr. Mathis the opportunity to pursue and capture large corporate entities such as MCI Telecommunications, AT&T, PricewaterhouseCoopers, GTECH Corporations, and CTECH Solutions.


By 1997 Computer Minded Corporation had obtained federal contracts with USDA, Department of Defense, and the Army providing equipment, media duplication, and integration services to address their core business needs aligned with their distinct missions.  During the Y2K concern, Computer Minded Corporation was the subcontractor for SAIC in providing nationwide Y2K remediation services for the Federal Aviation Administration.  Shortly thereafter, James Mathis was able to strike a deal with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) providing off-site data storage for high profile customers.


James Mathis is known for creating unique service offerings and programs that create awareness and simplify processes. He created a program titled IT Disposal and Redeployment that would allow him to obtain end of life technology equipment from large corporations and government entities in an effort to redeploy the equipment in underserved communities both urban and rural. The program was later redefined and renamed Technology Bridge® with a vision and mission of “bridging the digital divide”. To date, the program has been very successful and is supported by such organizations as Department of Commerce, Georgia Tech University, AT&T, and GTECH Corporation, Salvation Army, and YMCA.


He has had the pleasure of personally meeting, dining and collaborating with Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, and House Speakers using these opportunities to further foster relationships that would allow him to serve on boards and advisory committees of The Fernbank Science Museum, and Generations Knowledge & Care Centers, and C-Technology Solutions. He is very active with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and other charitable organizations.


James Mathis holds an Associates Degree in Business and a number of certificates and awards in various aspects of the computing technology and IT discipline, industry and service community. He presently resides in the northern Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, Georgia with his wife of nineteen years and two children. Please contact Mr. Mathis at james@computerminded.com; 678.576.7648 Cell- 770.277.2029 Office 


Carlton Lamar Robinson

Dr. Carlton Robinson

Micro-Enterprise Development


Dr. Carlton Robinson is the President of the First Coast African American Chamber of Commerce in Jacksonville. Dr. Robinson also is a senior researcher at the George Washington Carver Humanitarian Institute and a research and development partner for Human Capital Management LLC.

Dr. Robinson's research interests include the exploration of social and cultural factors in business using formal logic. These factors impact both management and entrepreneurship through workforce and supplier diversity programs and processes. Dr. Robinson believes that understanding the wide range of attribution errors entrapped within deductive approaches to business can lead to discovery.

Dr. Robinson also is a member of the Boards of Directors of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, First Coast Technical College, Haven Hospice Advisory Board and the Florida Black Chamber of Commerce.