The Cultural Heritage Institute  

The Cultural Heritage Institute was created to serve as the “Culture and Heritage Think Tank” for people of African descent. The Institute was also designed to serve the educational needs of the Diaspora, by facilitating the “Sharing of Knowledge” and “Cultural Awareness” in the promotion of and appreciation of cultural diversity.  The research and educational presentation will have the primary goal of promoting economic opportunity, business and community development. The primary delivery platform is the internet and education via the arts. Information will be provided at different levels and address common cultural issues that limit business, community, and cultural growth. 

The Institute Fellows are concerned, learned individuals in specific areas of academics and skills that will develop and provide knowledge based training and assistance to affiliate cultural heritage societies, chambers of commerce, non-profits, schools, and faith based institutions.  The Institute’s focus disciplines are Commerce, Culture, Community, Education, and Government Relations.  Additionally, routine calls will be issued to professors, researchers, educators, business and community development professionals/practitioners for “White Papers” or “Position Papers”, solely or in partnership, on issues of cultural and educational importance.  The Institute will also manage the Rosamond Johnson, Jr. Speakers Bureau.


The Cultural Heritage Institute will also serve as a culture and historical research center, in support of community, government, educational, and non-profit entities.  Its role will be to perform unbiased research and provide white papers and opinions on cultural commerce issues that affect all cultures, particularly African Americans. The ultimate research goal is discovery and documenting cultural and community opportunities for improvements in the areas of Commerce, Culture, Community, Education and Government Relations.