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Robert Brooks 

Cultural Heritage Tours Director  


After graduation, Robert continued his education, at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, studying history and political science.  During college, he was an active member of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, serving two terms as president, and on the staff of the “A & T Register Collegiate Newspaper”, receiving two awards, best new reporter and the Editor’s Award for Excellence, for his service as an investigative reporter, photographer, and Associate Sports Editor.  He received a Bachelor of Science in May 1974. 

Brooks served a tour in the U.S. Army and has been employed by several major corporations.  He is currently employed as a senior park ranger with the City of Newport News, Virginia.  He is active in all facets of the Parks Division, including providing interpretative programs in the parks, at museums, and in the community; in support of tourism.  

Robert Brooks resides in Hampton Virginia. He volunteers in the community at Colonial Williamsburg and conducts African American Heritage tours.  He enjoys stewardship for the Lord and all aspects of history.



VMW Guided Tours 

You have the opportunity to learn more about, and to travel with VMW Guided Tours which is anchored in Hampton, Virginia. This company has been in the business since 1997 under the sole proprietorship of Virgie M. Washington and specializes in African-American Heritage Tours. Offerings include professionally organized guided historic tours from an African-American perspective for all people and cultures! We believe that with understanding of each other's cultures comes future harmony and peace.

The tour company provides heritage tours on the local scene where it is believed that African-American history in British North America began back in 1619, namely, Virginia. Hampton, Virginia is the home-based headquarters and the "Hub and Spoke" center for booking exciting outbound Heritage Tours for other neighboring Virginia cities and tours and trails that cross the United States and Canada.

The tours offered seek to increase awareness of the existence of more and more African-American heritage sites and to promote visitation to such sites while helping to expand the knowledge of the rich history surrounding these venues.




" Multi-faceted tours offering tours from the
African-American perspective. Let the Journeys begin!"